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Scalable AI infrastructure designed for evolving machine learning researches

Turing AI Computing Cloud (TACC) is a cloud platform for research and education in machine learning with open access to the research community.

Developed by HKUST and initially deployed in 2020, TACC supports research work on a wide range of machine learning applications with high-performance and scalable infrastructure on both software- and hardware-level.

TACC differs significantly from typical cloud computing platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

TACC is tailored to the workflow of machine learning application, providing you with a more efficient process of managing, deploying and scaling compute-intensive machine learning jobs in a computing cluster.

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Highlights on Turing AI Computing Cloud
data collected in Apr 2022
144 users

joined TACC since 24/05/2021

6,290 tasks

submitted to TACC for processing

59,755 GPU hours

used for machine learning tasks

From Our Beta-testing Users
K. Xu
PhD Student, HKUST
We are building a distributed system that can efficiently train Graph Nueral Networks with near-linear scalability over billion-edge graphs. TACC provides us with a scalable and flexible setting where we can run small and large-scale experiments based on our demand.
Project: Scalable and Efficient GNN Training for Large Graphs
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